Chain Link Fence for Isolation, Warning and Protection in Fairground

Chain link fence is a multi-functional product. Except for used as swimming pool fence, dog kennel, sport field fence, it was also brought to amusement park. Amusement park is so prevailing in our daily, especially popular in young people and kids. To ensure people safe, many facilities side were installed with warning fence and isolation fence. Roller coaster and sky wheel are both common recreational facilities, kid and even teenager will get close to it because of curiosity, so chain link fence good for attaching warning signs; keeping visitors from entering the area under the ride; and do not allow people entering who not pay for charge.


  • Animal module swivel houses isolation fence;
  • Roller coaster security warning fence;
  • Isolation border;
  • Sky wheel border fence.


  • Material: hot-dip galvanized chain link fence;
  • Selvage: knuckle or twisted.


  • Slightly soft but firm;
  • Good ductility;
  • Low-cost;
  • Light-weight;
  • Anti-climb.
Colorful animal module swivel houses encircled by gold chain link fence, the chain link fence is taller than animal module houses and also with shorter green metal fence reinforcement.


Chain link fence besides colorful monster module swivel houses.

Chain link fence on the side of roller coaster, and people are on roller coaster's seats.


Pretty high and strong roller coaster chain link fence.

Chain link fence around trees, and as the isolation barrier between grassland and train track.


Isolation barrier chain link fence.

Chain link fence is the border separating train and grove.


Chain link fence separating train and trees.

Ghost hotel was surrounded by chain link fence with barbed wire on the top.


Chain link fence with barbed wire topping around ghost hotel.

Chain link fence besides the sky wheel.


Chain link as the boundary line on the sky wheel.