Chain Link Fence as Plant Vine Scaffolds in Courtyards and the Roads

Chain link fence is an awesome vertical garden ideas for plants. Apart from zoo fence, tennis court fence, basketball fence, chain link fence is equivalent to plant vine scaffold for plant to climb and grow in courtyard, hotel, house park and so on. Compared with wooden plant scaffolds, chain link fence is more durable and long life span . Furthermore, it is removable and light in comparison with brick stone plant supports.

Chain link fence is make of low carbon steel, usually coated with PVC, vinyl and galvanized. Its color can be green, white, silver, black, gold.

Purple vine flower is almost cover over chain link fence.


Chain link fence is not easy to break or damage even for hanging thick plant.

Dischidia nummularia potted plant hanging on chain link fence.


Chain link fence as plant hanging support is a way for saving space and ornamenting your house.

The apple blossom is climb on chain link fence.


Black chain link fence is strong for plant flowers and vine climbing.

Morning glory flower is climb on chain link fence.


White chain link fence is stable for plant climbing.

Virginia creeper hanging on the chain link fence.


Red Virginia creeper hang on chain link looks so attractive.

Chain link fence is filled with Orange flowers.


Black chain link fence and orange flower make the your garden fancy.

Application site

  • Courtyard.
  • Street.
  • Kindergarten.
  • Park.
  • Wall.
  • House.


  • Porous structure allow plant to grasp.
  • Save space.
  • Firm.
  • Removable solution.
  • Low cost.