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Applications of Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Tennis Fence

Chain link fence is considered as isolation barrier, gate and fence used in tennis court, so teams can play at the some time, outsider can see the ball games.

Chain Link Silt Fence

Chain link silt fence is generally used in construction projects to avoid water and soil loss. It is also used for barrier in the lawn area and wasteland.

Chain Link Plaster Mesh

Chain link plaster mesh is used to strengthen the surface of plaster layer in all kinds of buildings. Basically used in Interior walls, outdoor walls or others.

Chain Link Fence for Slope Protection

Chain link fence is now more often used in the mountain highway, vegetation slope and hillside, with the function of rocks falling control and slope stability.

Chain Link Baseball Fence

Chain link fence as baseball field fence, backstop, dugout and foul line fence in baseball field. It aims at avoiding ball out of the field and hit people.

Chain Link Fence for Art

Chain link fence is apply to art work, capable of hanging glass balls, cups, locks, CDs, bells, in commercial areas, art studio rooms, residential areas, etc.

Chain Link Trellis Panels

Chain link fence is a kind of plant vine scaffolds for tomato, grape, bean, cherry tomatoes and passion fruit in vegetable, fruit garden and other plant area.

Chain Link Fence for Zoo

Chain link fence is visible and firm that quite fit for animal cage and animal fence in the zoo. Chain link fence is often coated with vinyl and galvanized.

Chain Link Fence for Plant

Chain link fence has a function of hanging plants in the courtyard, road, house and park. Its porous structure allows plant grasp it tightly that grow better.

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