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Applications of Chain Link Fencing

Pasture Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence used in pasture farm, fit for every animal shed's fence, such as horse, milk cow, cow, sheep, alpaca, camel, etc.

Mining Fencing

Chain link fence is applicable to active or deserted mining area, frequently used as warning fence to forbid people to access place where may cause injuries.

Chain Link Greenhouse

Chain link fence remains the popular choice for people to built their greenhouse, it can used as greenhouse fence, roof, plant scaffolds, door and so on.

Chain Link Fence Used in Livestock Breeding Area

Chain link fence has high practical value, it is quite a lot suitable for various poultry breeding fence, for instance, turkey area, donkey, goose, camel, etc.

Chain Link Fence Used for Military

Chain link fence is one of the most popular use in military. Typically used in hound training area, country border, guard tower, mainly for military tasks.

Temporary Fence for Construction Project

Chain link temporary fence is generally used in the area of road maintenance, urban drainage system maintenance and building construction.

Chain Link Stair Railing

Chain link fence did a perfect job when it used as stair security protection railing in stadium bleachers, balcony, warehouse, family outdoor or indoor.


Highway is a place where often related to traffic accidents. Chain link highway fence is used as access prevention fencing, to prevent the unwanted access of animals.

Lookout Tower

Chain link fence is qualified for lookouts security fence and stair railing on the top of coast rock and mountains, and also for lookouts in the scenic points.

Winter Sport

Chain link fence is fit for sport field fence and protection fence in ski resort, because snow field usually have heavy snow and the ground is rough and craggy.

Amusement Park

Chain link fence in amusement park, take to be sky wheel border fence, roller coaster security warning fence, etc. It mainly prevent visitors from entering.

Electric Security Chain Link Fence

Electric security chain link fence common used in power station, suburb and urban substation areas, works for protecting people from getting electrocuted.

Chain Link Drainage Channel & River Security Fence

Chain link fence is a good kind of river and drainage river security fence in the cities, and also can be installed at industrial water pool and roadside.

Chain Link Helideck Safety Panels

Chain link helideck safety panels usually used in helipad on the roof of military building, administrative building and hospital building and sea boat.

Chain Link Thrill Walk Fence

Chain link fence capable of being thrill cliff walk fence, suspended walkway fence in the mountain peak and cliff, is also good for protect people.

Chain Link Fence Used In the Ocean

Chain link fence surface coated with galfan or vinyl coated, is perform in highly anti-corrosion when used in cross-sea bridge, beach and coastline.

Chain Link Safety Guard Railing for Bridge Construction

Chain link safety guard railing for bridge construction, usually in the area of highway, river, creek, forest valley and gorge, mainly for safety guard.

Chain Link Windbreak Fencing

Windbreak fencing was made up of chain link fence and woven fabric mesh, generally used in vegetable garden, flower garden, fruit garden and sports court.

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