Chain Link Fence Filled with Glass Balls, Cups, Ribbon and Plexiglass

Chain link fence is made from carbon steel, usually coated with vinyl, PVC and galvanized, so its surface color can be black, green, blue, gold. Here, chain link fence is apply to art aesthetic in art school, kindergarten, residential areas, tourist attractions, urban landscape, gallery, etc. Because chain link fences allow for hanging any staff, for example glass balls, bells, ribbon, shells, stones, children' artwork. Thus, with beautiful stuffs ornamented, it giving people a visual feast.

Application site

  • Parking lot;
  • Kindergarten;
  • Urban;
  • Art studio classroom;
  • Commercial area;
  • Residential area;
  • Gallery;
  • Party room.


  • Capable of hanging anything;
  • Easy installation and dismantle;
  • Durable;
  • High-strength;
  • Multiple uses.
Gold little bells hanging on black chain link fence in the parking lot.


Chain link fence with gold bells is an artwork.

Thousands of red, pink and blue solo cups inserted the mesh of chain link fence.


chain link fence filled with colorful solo cups is a type of advertisement.

Chain link fence is filled with soft candy color plexiglass in gallery.


Colorful plexiglass on chain link fence giving people a special visual art.

Colorful CDs hanging on blue chain link fence.


Blue chain link fence filled with colorful CDs make it looks so eye-catching.

Two kids are twining ribbons on chain link fence at the school.


Students can ornament chain link fence by their imagination in the school.

Green and white glass balls hanging on chain link fence by thin wires.


Glass balls on chain link fence make the fence more attractive.

Hundreds of blue butterflies made from  cotton hanging on chain link fence.


Butterflies made from cotton fly on green chain link fence looks so beautiful.