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Chain Link Fence Tech Information Helps You Know The Fence

Chain link fence installation is ideal for DIY for it is not complex. Follow our detailed instructions you will be professional in fence installation.

Galvanized chain link fence has two processes - GAW & GBW. GAW has better resistance against corrosion than GBW, but GBW is much cheaper.

Chain link fence fabric has various mesh sizes for different uses. The smaller the diamond mesh, the more steel will be used, and the more security.

Chain link fence fabric has two common selvages - knuckle and twist barb. They are decided by fence height, mesh size and uses.

Vinyl-coated chain link fence has three styles of coating: extruded, extruded and adhered and fused and adhered. You may find the difference here.

Chain link fence privacy slats are manufactured by two materials - HDPE and PVC. Each has its own characters. Selection should be based on the uses.

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