Barb Wire Arm for High Security Chain Link Fence

Barb wire arm , whether three-strand or six-strand, is the most popular fitting element used to attach a barbed wire on a chain link fence for high security. The arm will be capped onto the line posts and top rail slide through the arm's loop. The two extensively-used barbed wire arms - one is 45° slanted arm with three strands and the other is V-shaped arm with six strands. The Z-shaped cuts are designed to secure barbed wire. Barbed wire arms are often accompanied with chain link fence for high security.

Product description:

  • Item: barbed wire arm.
  • Material: pressed steel.
  • Size: 1-5/8" × 1-5/8", 2" × 1-5/8", 2-1/2" × 1-5/8".
  • Style: single slanted arm for three barbed wire strands; V-shaped arm for six barbed wire strands.
  • Finish: hot-dip galvanized.
45 degree barb wire arm for chain link fence.


45 degree barb wire arm.

Single barb arm with three strands of barb wire for chain fence.


Single barb arm with three-strand barb wire.

Galvanized V-shaped barb wire arm.


V-shaped barb arm.

Six strands of barbed wire over chain link fence.


Six-strand barb wire arm.