Lookout Chain Link Fence for Stair and Walk in the Sea, Scenic Point

Chain link fence is qualified for security fence at the edge of lookout, stone stair railing inside or outside lookout, lookout protection fence on the top of mountain, etc. Chain link fence can be built in different places for different purposes. When lookouts are seen at the seaside and scenic points, it mainly as viewing platforms for tourists, however, coast always with steep slop, rugged ground, chain link fence with the good features of light weight and easy installation, is excellent for overcoming harsh conditions that keep visitors safe when they go up to the top of lookout. In addition, when some lookouts were built for military mission, chain link fence is accept for attaching barbed wire on its top to prevent unauthorized people from accessing.


  • Material: carbon steel;
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized, galfan, PVC coating;
  • Color: silver, green.


  • Lookout security fence on the coast rock;
  • Lookout inner stair fence;
  • Lookout protection fence on the top of mountain;
  • Edge protection railing of lookout.


  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Allow for sticking warning signs wood board;
  • Sturdy that not easy fall in strong windy day;
  • Easy for moving to the top of the mountain or cliff;
  • Low cost but high quality;
  • Fireproof.
Part of lookout on the top of mountain, surrounded by chain link fence.


Chain link fence around lookout on the top of the mountain.

A lookout tower on the top of the coast rock, a rocky walkway with chain link fence go along down to lookout.


Rocky walkway with galvanized chain link fence for protecting people fall down to the sea.

Lookout surrounded by green welded wire mesh fence and green chain link fence, and both of them with barbed wire on the top.


Welded wire and chain link lookout fence with barbed wire topping.

Stair inside watchtower with chain link fence, a person go up and stand on the floor.


Stair inside the lookout with chain link fence.