Chain Link Drainage/River Security Fence – Galvanzied, Black Vinyl

Chain link river security fence is regarded as river and drainage channel security fence in the modern city life. It can be installed in the artificial river, industrial river, drainage system, reservoir, etc. Water is a very important factor in our life, it can bring our happy life but also bring disaster, therefore, chain link drainage and river security fence is necessary. First, it can prevent people or cars roll down to the river; second, it not allow people swimming or playing in the river; third, it is characterized by easy install and disassemble and long lifespan.

Application site

  • River;
  • Drainage channel;
  • Root River;
  • Reservoirs;
  • Moat area.


  • Material: carbon steel chain link fence;
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized, vinyl coating;
  • Color: silver, black;
  • Height: 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft.;
  • Mesh size: 9 gauge, 11 gauge.


  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Easy install and disassemble;
  • Less maintain cost;
  • Longevity of service life;
  • High security ability.
Industrial pool chain link security fence on concrete walkway.
DCF-01: Industrial chain link security fence on the concrete walkway, aim at warning people not to swimming.
A river channel with chain link security fence, in front of a department.
DCF-02: Chain link security fence purpose is to avoid pedestrians or cars accidentally falling into the river.
A road with chain link security fence under a bridge, and now the road was blocked by flood.
DCF-03: Chain link security fence protect people from taking away by the flood.
Drainage river enclosure consists of concrete wall and chain link fence. A person goes down to the drainage river by using folding ladder to pick up some water.
DCF-04: Chain link security fence protect people or pets from falling down to the river by accident.
An artificial river under the highway, and its one side is chain link security fence.
DCF-05: Chain link river security fence provids security and beautiful appearance to people.
An artificial river with chain link security near a pedestrian walkway.
DCF-06: Chain link river security fences forbid people play water.

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