Chain Link Fence as Warning Sign Fence In Mine Area to Protect People

Chain link fence is excellent for used in mining area.

There's always danger behind the mines, for example, collapse, explosion, flooded. So in order to protect non-workers, mining fencing is necessary. Chain link fence is excellent for used as mining fence because it convenient for hang up warning board, and not difficult to install, move and cut.

Now, we give you some simple examples of the benefits of mine chain link fence, first, chain link fence hold thin snow in winter, so even the snow cover over mining mountain, you still able to see the warning sign clearly; second, many deserted mining working turn into deep hole, chain link fence with warning note is difficult to climb and reminds you do not entry; finally, chain link can be used to strengthen inside roof of mining tunnel arch.


  • Active mining area;
  • Abandoned mine area;
  • Holes on the surface of coal mine mountain;
  • Mining tunnel arch reinforcement.
Snow covers the mine mountain, galvanized chain link with warning sign warn people not to enter.


Warning sign board attached on chain link fence beside the mining area.

An abandoned mine area became a pool as the time pass by, chain link fence with warning board beside the abandoned area to warn people should not enter.


Warning board attach on chain link fence tells people what the place is and should not enter.

Chain link fence around hole on the surface of mine mountain to warn people be care.


Chain link fence around hole on the surface of mine mountain.


  • Material: galvanized carbon steel chain link fence;
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized, PVC coating, vinyl coating;
  • Color: silver, black;
  • Mesh size: 50 × 50 mm, 60 ×60 mm, 80 × 80 mm.


  • Anti-sunburn;
  • Anti-ageing;
  • Hard to fracture;
  • Convenient for warning signs or others to attach;
  • Fit for large-scale use.