Chain Link Fence Used in Outdoor Ski Resort, Ice Hockey, Skating Rink

Chain link fence is made of carbon steel, its surface usually treated by hot-dip galvanized and PVC coated. It here brings to be used in winter sport fields. Sport fans prefer to go to outdoor snow field for skiing, skating and playing ice hockey. However, outdoor sport field is the best place for sport but hidden with some troubles and dangerous. The purpose of chain link fence in snow field is to solve these problems. For one thing, when it used as ski resort field and skating field fence, snow unable to stand on chain link fence which with multi-hole feature, and also people don't need much time to sweep snow. For another, outdoor sport field ground sometimes is rough and craggy, red or eye-catching color chain link fence near the cliff, steep, rough place to warn people; by the way, chain link fence able to resistance to low temperature that can last for many years.


  • Ski resort fence;
  • Ice hockey field fence;
  • Skating field fence;
  • Bridge walkway in the ski resort.


  • Material: carbon steel;
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized, vinyl coating, PVC coating;
  • Color: silver, red.
  • Popular type: hot dipped galvanized chain link fencing.


  • Resistance to low temperature;
  • Anti-skid;
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Snow unable to catch hold of chain link fence;
  • People able to watch winter sport games through the chain link fence;
  • Very strong and firm that not easy to fall , even in a heavy snowy day.
Walkway in ski resort with semicircle chain link roof, and the walkway covered by snow.


Bridge walkway with chain link fence roof.

Chain link fence around ice hockey field, and two teams are fighting fierce.


Chain link fence around ice hockey.

The fence of skating rink, the bottom is panel and the top is chain link fence.


Chain link fence around ice rink.

Walkway with red chain link fence in ski resort, and three women walk on it.


Two sides of walkway are chain link fence in the ski resort.