How to Select a Suitable Selvage for Your Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fence fabric has two types of selvages: knuckle and twist (barb). Knuckle is more round and much safer because it has no sharp points to catch on clothing or people. However, twisted or barbed have sharp ends for high security. Commonly speaking, knuckle selvage is a must for most residential chain link fence system, while barbed selvage is recommended for commercial or high security fencing system.

Knuckle selvage of chain link fence.
Knuckle selvage.

Knuckle edge is obtained by interlocking adjacent pairs of wire ends and then bending the wire ends back into a loop. The loop shall be closed or nearly closed to a measurement less than the diameter of the wire.

Chain link fence with twisted selvage.
Twist (barb) selvage.

Twist or barb edge is obtained by twisting adjacent pairs of wire ends together in a close helix of 1-1/2 machine turns, which is equivalent to 3 full twists, and cutting the wire ends at an angle. The wire ends beyond the twist shall be at least 1/4 in. long. This type of selvage is not used on fabric with a mesh size of less than 2 in.

When knuckle or twist selvage is available?

There are three important factors to be considered before selvage selection. First, the height of the fence, second, the mesh size, the third, the applications. Fabrics with 2 or 2-1/8 in. mesh in heights 60 in. or less shall be knuckled at both selvages. Fabric 72 in. high and over shall be knuckled at one selvage and twisted at the other. The selvages of fabrics with meshes of less than 2 inch shall be knuckled. Generally speaking, residential chain link fence system will have bent over on both top and bottom ends. For commercial especially for high security fence, both top and bottom have barb selvage.

A commercial chain link fence with twisted selvage on top.
Twisted top selvage chain link mesh for a commercial fence.
A dog is standing beside a black residential chain link fence with knuckle selvage.
Residential chain link fence with knuckle selvage.

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