Chain Link Baseball Fence Typically Applied to Fence, Backstop, Dugout and Gate

Chain link fencing generally used in sport field. Here, chain link fence was perfectly serve as barrier, foul line fence, gate, dugout, backstop in baseball field, to afford protection against injuries and casualties caused by violent batting ball. Besides, chain link fence determines the scope of the field.


  • Baseball field fence;
  • Backstop;
  • Dugout;
  • Gate;
  • Spectator protective fence;
  • Batting cage.


  • Material: carbon steel;
  • Finish: zinc-coated, PVC coated wire (9 gauge core wire with 0.13 mm PVC coated layer);
  • Color: black, silver, green;
  • Selvage: knuckle and knuckle;
  • Mesh size: 50 mm;
  • Ground clearness: 25.4 mm;
  • Height
    • Backstop height: 4.88 m, 6 m;
    • Gate height: no more than 2.4 m;
    • Outfield fence height: 2.4 m.


  • Anti-deformation;
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Backstop is high enough to avoid ball flying out of baseball field;
  • Long lifespan;
  • Firm.
Black chain link fence and its upper end is yellow plastic pipe.


Chain link outfield fence.

Chain link fence is quite tall baseball backstop fence in the commercial area.


6 m tall chain link baseball backstop fence.

Silver chain link fence as backstop in the baseball field.


Chain link fence used as backstop in the baseball field.

Green chain link fence used as dugout in the baseball field.


Green chain link dugout fence.

People playing baseball game behind the chain link fence.


Chain link fence around baseball field.