Chain Link Trellis Panels Make Air Flow and Light Enough for Plants

Chain link trellis panels are used in vegetable garden, fruit garden and other plant areas. Chain link trellis panels can be seen as plant supports for kinds of plants, for instance, grape, bean, cucumber, bitter melon, cherry tomato, passion fruit, etc.

Common chain link trellis panels types:

Chain link trellis panel has a lot of features.

  • First, it is not easy fall down even in a strong wind or heavy rainy day.
  • Second, it is high-strength for hanging fruits and convenient for pick up fruits.
  • Third, chain link trellis panels allow plants enjoying enough sunlight and fresh air.
  • Forth, it will not decay in a damp condition for a long time.
Grapes growing on chain link trellis panels.


Chain link trellis panels with numerous mesh make grapes in sunlight exposure.

Green rattan vine climb on silver chain link fence.


Chain link trellis panels is easy to grasp for rattan vine.

Cucumber vines climb on chain link trellis panels.


Chain link trellis panels in the cucumber area is easy to install and remove.

A bitter melon and vine on the chain link fence.


Green chain link trellis panels is not easy fall down for hanging bitter melon.

Green bean grows on the black chain link fence.


Black chain link trellis panels is so firm when used as bean vine scaffold.

Product description

  • Item: chain link trellis panels.
  • Material: carbon steel.
  • Finish: galvanized, PVC coating, vinyl coating.
  • Color: green, silver, black, blue.

Application site

  • Vegetable garden;
  • Fruit garden;
  • Courtyard;
  • Farm;
  • Vegetable shed.

Features & benefits

  • Porous structure allows the plant to grow well;
  • Enhance air flow and sunlight exposure;
  • Removable;
  • Light-weight;
  • Recycled use.