Pasture Chain Link Fencing Is An Cost-Effective and High-Quality Fence

Pasture chain link fencing is long-term or short-term use in residential areas or suburbs. It not only prevents your animal from escaping and also allows your animals to move within a certain amount of space. Animals are good friends of human beings, except for going to the zoo to see animals, people also like to go the pasture to establish a good relationship with animals. Chain link fence is kind of ideal fence that provide a good opportunity for people to touch and feed animals through the mesh hole.


  • Horse farm;
  • Goat farm;
  • Alpaca shed;
  • Milk cow farm;
  • Camel shed, etc
Chain link fence around a horse farm, a horse stand next to the fence.


Horse fence mainly includes chain link fence, tension bar, post cap, carriage bolt and nut and o so on.

Goat farm is surrounded by chain link fence, some goats standing in the farm.


Chain link fence around goat farm, you can see goats through the fence.

A camel gaze at a man through the chain link fence, and this man smile at the camel.


Chain link fence let human have an intimate contact with animals.

Chain link fence around a calf's shed, the calf is eating grass.


Chain link fence around calf's shed, prevent them run away.

An open-air milk cowshed's fence was chain link fence, inside a milk cow standing and looking at something.


Milk cow shed fencing was consist of chain link fence.

Alpaca shed consists of chain link fence and other components, a black and a withe alpaca standing in the shed.


Chain link fence with plastic sheeting shelter alpaca from wind.


  • Material: carbon steel chain link mesh;
  • Surface treatment: galvanized vinyl coating, PVC coating;
  • Color: silver, black, etc;
  • common mesh size: 50 × 50 mm.


  • Hard to break;
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Good for accompanied with other components;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Long-term or short-term use.